Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who has supported The Paintball Sphere through the year. We live in difficult times, where wallets are thinner than ever and we are replacing steak with hamburger, and in many cases, hamburger with Ramen.The playing population of paintball is down, tournaments and big games are experiencing smaller turnouts, and stores and fields are feeling the pressure of less people playing. 

It is because of this that good customers are more valuable to us than ever. You keep us alive. Make no mistake: every person that plays a game of paintball makes paintball breathe another breath. I found this game 20 years ago and have loved it for everything it is every day since then. The Paintball Sphere has allowed me to share my passion with players new and old for over a decade. It has not made me a millionaire, I assure you. At this time of year especially, Shana and I joke that The Paintball Sphere is like the Bailey Building and Loan, and I George Bailey, more than anything else. But it is a path I have chosen. And as Christmas has neared again, I wish for you and yours a most merry one, free from the dark mantle of fear and doubt that we often carry and resplendent in the light of hope and promise of a truly happy new year to come. 
Merry Christmas from Finn too! (arriving 12/28/10, if not sooner!)

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