Friday, November 25, 2011

Rail Sale

Good for any Proto Rail, even a color we don't have in stock!*
*Sale price will be honored for any ordered or back-ordered Rail purchased today, regardless of delivery date.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Planet Eclipse Etha

This incredible marker is only $395.00! Taking pre-orders now for delivery in early to mid-December. And remeber, The Paintball Sphere is your local Planet Eclipse Service Center, so your new Etha will always be taken care of, right here at home.

Tech Specs:


WEIGHT930g/2.05lb (Including 14.5” Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, POPS)
LENGTH539mm (including 14.5 " Shaft4 compatible barrel)


BODY6061-T6 Aluminium
BARREL6061-T6 Aluminium
FRAMEGlass Reinforced Nylon
FEEDGlass Reinforced Nylon
EYE COVERSGlass Reinforced Nylon


INTERFACESingle Push Button plus Tourney Lock
DISPLAY1 x Tri-Color LED Indicators
POWER SUPPLY1 x 9v (PP3) Battery
EPORTALNot Compatible


ASA MOUNTT-slot mounted adjustable rail with Front Exit OOPS (On/Off Purge System)
TRIGGER PIVOTSelf Lubricating Sintered Brass Bushing
BARREL2-Piece Micro Honed Shaft4 14.5" length 0.693" Bore
FEED TUBELever operated Clamping Feed


SOLENOID TYPEHigh Pressure Solenoid Valve
DRIVE MECHANISMDual Force Pull Poppet


GRIP TYPEContoured dual density grip


FIRING MODESSemi & Ramping capped and uncapped
DEBOUNCE MODES10 Debounce Modes

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tippmann Special!

The Paintball Sphere is a participating member of the Tippmann Experience Paintball promotion. Get a $20.00 gift card from Tippmann for any new Model 98 purchased from The Paintball Sphere through January 15, 2012!  This counts for any Tippmann Model 98 in stock or special ordered. We can and will order any special or custom Model 98 promptly and at no extra charge to you. Contact The Paintball Sphere today! 

The Paintball Sphere 7271 West Blvd. Youngstown, Ohio 44512  ph. 330-965-9099

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pack Sale

All packs are now on sale! Any brand, any make, comes with up to 4 free pods PLUS take 10% OFF the total pack price. If your pack is old or worn, or if you need more capacity, this sale is for YOU!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

CSL Video

Get your pre-orders in now! There are less than 300 total being made, and we have three on order! You will not  find a better marker with more options or better resale!

Ego CSL- available at The Paintball Sphere

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geo 2.1- Available soon at The Paintball Sphere!

Carrying the torch of the original Geo, the Geo2 has proved to be huge success. Teams and players across the world have been drawn to the supremely smooth and quiet operation of the marker, while the rugged reliability and simple maintenance make it a true Eclipse product.
Now, the Geo2.1 brings some of the critically acclaimed features of the recent Ego11 to the Geo. Namely the New POPS ASA and the Angled Swivel on the SL3 regulator.
These 2 new additions further improve the already exceptional ergonomics of the Geo2 as well as producing a sleeker and more attractive profile.
Of course all the other characteristics of the Geo2 remain, such as its excellent handling of fragile paint and the fully featured and E-Portal compatible electronics. This is still Geo. Just Refined…
POPS stands for Push-On-Purge-System and is a completely new concept in On/Off/Purging ASAs. The idea is simple, push back on the front ‘Bonnet’ section of the POPS and this depresses the air system valve pin – gassing up the marker – before latching itself into place; the operation takes just a fraction of a second. Once gassed up the bonnet stays in position until the pushbutton on the side of the POPS bonnet is depressed,  at which point the bonnet POPS forward and the marker purges itself of air; again, de-gassing takes a fraction of a second and very little effort. The new POPS features, T-Slot mounting to the frame, but this time with a longer adjustment range than on previous Eclipse ASAs. The POPS also incorporates front porting for the first time on an Eclipse ASA, together with a new fitting that seals without the need for Loctite or PTFE tape and which can be quickly and easily removed with a hex key. Shortened Macroline transports air into a second fitting in the new, angled swivel on the exceptional SL3 regulator.
In order to make this possible on the Geo2.1, the Purge Control Valve (PCV) that was previously mounted in the reg swivel has been completely re-designed and moved into the FRM above the reg. This makes the PCV more robust and reliable ensuring the Geo2.1 is safe at all times.
Gen2 Propshaft Assembly – The Geo 2 comes with a completely new Propshaft Assembly. The design introduces a spring-loaded Drive Core. This Drive Core prevents air loss both on the firing stroke of the bolt, leaving residual, previously wasted air trapped in the valve chamber, as well as ensuring the valve chamber is fully sealed prior to re-filling on the return stroke of the bolt. This results in better efficiency and faster recharge of the valve chamber. The New Finned Propshaft Tip helps keep the propshaft and bolt concentric at all times.
SL3 In-Line Regulator – The SL3 regulator is more accurate, more consistent, with less creep and faster recharge than any previous Eclipse Regulator. On top of that it will allow the Geo 2.1 to operate with LP, MP or HP tanks with no fluctuation in performance or velocity. Switch from HP tank to LP tank without needing to adjust the regulator. The New design means that the Geo 2.1 will shoot down to the last 200psi of tank pressure with next-to-zero loss in velocity. The new SL3 regulator also has reversible and replaceable reg seal.
Shaft4 Barrel – The Shaft4 has been developed specifically to improve efficiency and consistency. By manipulating the length and bore of the rear control bore section the new barrel gives higher velocities than older Shaft barrels for the same settings. This leads to an improvement in efficiency and consistency as well as reducing the sound signature of the marker
Geo 2 GST Bolt Assembly – After the phenomenal success of the GST kit for the Geo, the Geo 2 receives the same treatment as standard. GST Can and GST Geo 2 bolt now work in conjunction with the new sprung Drive Core to further reduce recoil and sound signature, making the Geo 2.1 supremely smooth and quiet
2010 Circuit Board – New Circuit Board has 92% larger LCD screen with adjustable backlight colour. Optimised solenoid drive circuitry offering increased accuracy of Dwell and ROF control. 16-bit, 16mips PIC microprocessor. Micro and Opto trigger sensing. New GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Connectivity – Capable of connecting the Geo 2.1 to a PC giving the ability to upload Firmware, make Splash Screens and remotely adjust parameters. (Requires Optional USB Adaptor, Software and Cable)
Wider Frame-to-Reg Spacing – An increase in the stance of the Geo 2 changes the basic feel of the marker and allows higher rear hand placement. New 2010 bearing carrier also allows higher trigger placement to match the higher rear hand position resulting in a more instinctive and pointy feel to the marker
Of course these are just some of the headline changes to the Geo 2.1. On top of these there are the dominant Geo features that have been brought through to the latest creation, such as the valve system, low dynamic seal count, Cure bolt technology, Deftek feed, Break-Beam Sensor System, POPS ASA, Clamping feed, tool-less maintenance as well as access to the Planet Eclipse Technical and Customer Support network making teching a breeze.
The primary changes combined with the core Geo and Planet Eclipse values take the Geo 2.1 to the next level. To make it one of the smoothest, quietest, efficient, well balanced, lightest, reliable spool valve markers on sale today, and to nail it firmly into upper echelons of high-end paintball equipment.
Geo 2 GST-Style Bolt Assembly
Geo 2 Propshaft with Spring-Loaded Drive Core
SL3 Inline Regulator – Works With Any Tank
E-Portal Compatible – Update Firmware, Splash Screens and User Settings
Shaft4 Barrel 14″/0.689″ – Longer, tighter control bore improves efficiency and consistency
92% Larger Multicoloured Transflective LCD Module
Ego10-Style Grip Frame and Grips
Extended Grip Pitch – Increased Comfortable and Stability
Spool Valve Design
Low Reciprocating Mass – Bolt 17g
ISCIS (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) Mechanism
SC (Spool-Cure) Bolt – helps eliminate 2nd ball clipping in the feed stack.
6-Second Strip Down – To remove and separate all internal Bolt components
Tool-less Bolt removal – all internal bolt components removed without tools
BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
Def-Tek Offset Feed
C-Lever Clamping Feedneck with Sprocket Wheel
Dual Selectable Trigger Switching – Opto and Micro Switches
Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Spring and Magnetic Return
Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
All Major Tournament Presets
9 Preset Debounce Modes
5-Point Adjustable Trigger
T-Rail Mounting System
POPS – On/Off/Purge ASA System

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just in Case You Were Wondering Where I Was.

 As many of you may know, I haven't been at The Paintball Sphere much these last few weeks. Here is why. Thomas Finnian Patterson was born on December 28, 2010 at 7:39am. He was 7lbs. 11.1oz. and is sleeping fairly well for Shana and I. Fear not people, I will be at the store and on the field quite a bit more now!

We're Alive and it is Cold!

What's going on out there? It's been a cold winter so far, and it doesn't look like it's getting warm any time soon! With that being said, The Paintball Sphere is still getting new product in every week, gettting ready for the 2011 season.  Some of our recent additions include:

Planet Eclipse Overload Jersey (tons of padding on these!)

Genuine Sandanas (Pro-Line and Headband)  in a plethora of colors and patterns

The new CP Advantage Pro Series 1-piece barrel in .685" and .689" bores in 14/16" (very nice- currently available in black only)

These are only a few of the new items in stock. Stop in anytime and check back here soon for our coming Winter SALE!