Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JT Splatmaster is here!

Don't let this fool you, serious paintball player! JT Splatmaster is designed to let EVERYONE have more FUN playing paintball. Have a girlfriend who's afraid to try paintball? How about a younger brother that's not old enough for a field's insurance? This is for them. Want to play paintball, but you're far away from the quality airfills of The Paintball Sphere? Splatmaster is for you too. It uses no CO2 or compressed air. It's inexpensive. It's fun. The entire line is at The Paintball Sphere right now! Come in and grab a part of the most innovative paintball product of the last decade. Do it now. Seriously.

Etha EMC Kit

Check out this Planet Eclipse video featuring the new EMC tactical shell for the Etha. This incredibly clever kit assembles in minutes and will be available at The Paintball Sphere this week!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ego11 DART Kit

Having used this in my Ego, I can tell you it's worth every penny. A super smooth, crazy efficient marker in an easy, drop in kit. Arriving soon, orders now being accepted.

The Ego11 DART kit is a full drop-in Valve Guide, Exhaust Valve and Bolt kit designed exclusively for the Ego11.

Designed to improve every facet of the Ego11's feel and performance the DART kit increases efficiency and reduces sound signature and felt recoil as well being more gentle on paint in both the loading and the firing actions.

The DART kit enables the Ego11 to operate at consistently lower HPR and LPR pressures than has previously been possible on any Ego, but at the same time offers superior velocity consistency and efficiency.

So how did we achieve this?

DART Bolt - The Ego11 DART Bolt incorporates the latest Cure4 cushioned tip design as seen on the CSL.

In addition to the Cure4 design there are now 2 seals on the body of the bolt, one either side of the transfer port. Rather than use the traditional method of stretched, incorrectly sized o-rings as the seals, the DART bolt utilizes a floating seal design. These floating seals match the internal bore of the breech to create a perfect seal, yet allow for thermal expansion and contraction of the bolt body to occur without worry of increasing frictional drag in the bolt system or loss of effective seal. The floating seals provide the optimum compromise between reliability and efficiency. They will operate with next-to-no lubrication in even the harshest conditions without any negative effects to efficiency or consistency.

Finally the new DART Bolt is fitted with a weighted insert. The small increase in mass that this insert brings to the bolt system enables the Ego11 to cycle with a lower LPR pressure at lower cyclic speeds yet still retain enough inertia to pop the exhaust valve open and overcome blowback forces during the firing phase.

DART Valve System - The Ego11 DART Valve Assembly combines an improved flow path with refined dynamics that result in significant gains in efficiency. The new design forces the valve to close off more quickly after opening, reducing air wastage after the ball has reached velocity.

The Ego11 DART Kit is designed to be used only with the Ego11 platform (Includes CSL) and is only to be used as a complete kit. Installation and use of an incomplete kit will seriously affect the performance of the marker and in extreme cases may lead to damage of the marker. Only use the DART Valve Assembly and DART Bolt together in your EGO11 or CSL Marker.

Ego11 DART Kit Contains:
1 x DART Bolt Assembly (without pin)
1 x DART Valve Guide
1 x DART Exhaust Valve
Spare Bolt Plunger and Spring
Instruction Sheet

DART Kit Pricing:

Retail - $95.00

Call The Paintball Sphere now and order!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hours Adjustment

Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Paintball Sphere will be opening late today (only) at 5:00pm. We are sorry if this causes any issues for anyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Empire Axe LE

Now taking orders for this gorgeous, Limited Edition, proven winner. Get yours now, they won't last: 330-965-9099

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School Paint SALE!

School is back in session, and now is the perfect time to meet up with your friends and play paintball! To help you along, all paintballs at The Paintball Sphere during September are on sale! Come in and see paint prices too low to advertise online!

Call or stop in for amazing paintballs from quality manufacturers at awesome prices! Prices valid now through September 29th,2012.