Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas Present They'll Absolutely DYE For....

In time for the holidays, 2014 Dye Paintball gear is rolling in! Stuff the stocking of someone you love with a Dye Rotor in all new colors and patterns! Nothing beats a Rotor in reliability and performance, plus they look absolutely stunning! New colors arriving all the time.  Just like our kids say, if you really loved them, you'd buy it for them this Christmas!

And what about Dye markers? The DM14 is the first radical change in the Dye Matrix since 2008, and boy does it show! It's hoseless, lightweight, and at the razor's edge of performance. Available in more colors than a big box of Crayolas, quantities are currently limited, so call The Paintball Sphere now and get yours ordered ASAP!

Doesn't this one look great under the tree? Don't you think the baller in your life would like to see something like this Christmas morning? The Paintball Sphere can make it happen for you...

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