About Us

The Paintball Sphere is a full service paintball store located in Youngstown, Ohio. Founded in 1999, our mission then was simple: provide the best products coupled with unparalled service. It’s the same way today. We do it by making sure we are the best educated and most properly trained paintball technicians available anywhere to service today’s high tech paintball equipment. And with our over ten years experience in the paintball business, we can make sure that your classic marker runs like it was built today. This technical knowledge seeps into everything we do. We inspect new products and reject the low quality items. We stock and stand by only the highest standard equipment and manufacturers-you won’t find Johnny Fly-by-Night here. So if you want a paintball center that knows what they are selling, are certain of what they are servicing, and guarantee the quality of what you’re purchasing, you want The Paintball Sphere.